Strategy Map

A strategy map is a diagram used to design a tree of objectives.

The following objects can be displayed on the diagram:

  • Perspectives as swimlanes,
  • Objectives,
  • Measures,
  • Relationships between objectives and measures and relationships between objectives.

An objective is presented in the shape of an ellipse on a strategy map. The ellipse should be placed within the borders of the selected perspective swimlane exactly. The Strategic perspective property is filled out for this objective in the Properties Window. This property’s value changes when the objective’s shape is moved to another perspective.

A measure is presented in the shape of a rectangle.

Arrows are used to relate objectives and to relate objectives with measures.

Each relationship has a Strength grade property.

When changing the value of this property, the arrow width is changed (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Dependence of arrow width and Strength grade value

Not all relationships between objectives and between measures and objectives should be mandatory depicted on the strategy map. Some relationships may be added to the Influences objectives, Depends on objectives, Measures, Objectives tabs in the Properties Windows of objectives or measures.

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