Select Database Window

The Select database windows have the same interface and functionality in Business Studio, MetaEdit or DB Admin. If you use the Enterprise edition of Business Studio or higher, you can also manage branches in this window. Click + to see the list of database branches (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Select database window

It is impossible to access a database with some Business Studio editions if this database has the Branches functionality or data on several languages. See Table 1 for details.

BS Edition/Application Possibility to Access a Database if it Has
Branches Data on Several Languages
Business Studio Ultimate + +
Business Studio Enterprise + -
Business Studio Professional - -
Business Studio Cockpit + 1) +
DB Admin + 2) +
MetaEdit + +
Table 1.

Use the Context Menu to manage the database list.

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() ()
1) , 2) Only work with the root branch is supported
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