BSC Objects in Business Studio Portal

Business Studio Portal makes it possible to analyze objectives and measures and to enter plan and actual measure values into the Business Studio database via the Internet browser. The entered data becomes immediately available at Portal for control and analysis.

Use the Personal Page to get access to information about measures and objectives for which you are a Supervisor or are in charge of achievement.

Measure values are entered on the Measures Input page (Figure 1). Select the Period and Measure Period Levels values. Then press the Plan Value button if you intend to enter plan measure values or the Actual Value button to enter actual values of measures. The list of measures will contain measures for which the user is in charge of entering values.

Figure 1. Measures Input page

Measure values, entered in Portal, are immediately seen in the Business Studio database.

The Enter before field indicates the due time for entering measure values. Entering will be unavailable after the expiration date. If necessary, the value of this field is specified by analysts in the measure Properties Window (Persons in charge tab → Values input restriction settings properties group).
The time value becomes red in case you are already unable to enter measure values.

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