Design Activity Model

Activity models are created and stored on the Activities tab of the Explorer. The activity model is a model of processes and functions. Graphical models of processes and functions are developed in one of the notations:

  • IDEF0,
  • Basic Flowchart,
  • Cross-functional Flowchart,
  • BPMN,
  • EPC.

You can use any notation or a combination of notations to create an activity model. Two approaches are available depending on the development stage of the activity model and the state of the management system:

  1. You select and describe a number of individual processes or functions.

    This approach is used when you need to describe the exact processes and functions quickly. And any notation you prefer is appropriate here.

  2. Or you design a comprehensive activity model.

    The model is created in compliance with SADT (Structured Analysis and Design Technique). This provides a comprehensive and consistent activity model and the sharing of responsibility for activity results. Here you should use the IDEF0 notation to design the top level of the model and any of the other four notations to design the lower levels of the model.


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