Reference to Activity

Often there is a need to use the same activity in several parts of the activity model. In this case it’s recommended to describe the activity once and then use this description as a "brick".

Reference to activity and Reusable activity have different names and properties. Names of different references to the same activity reflect peculiarities of different parts of the activity model. The name of the reusable activity should be abstract so that it fits all the cases.

Note that when simulating a reference to an activity, simulation properties of the reusable activity are used.

To add a reference to an activity to a diagram, drag the reusable activity from the Explorer to the diagram with the pressed Shift button. Or use the combination of the Explorer context menu items: CopyPaste as a reference.

Any non-decomposed activity of a diagram may be converted into a Reference. To do this, select the Change object option in the context menu of the activity shape.

Use the button if you need to jump to a diagram of a Reusable activity from the diagram where a Reference to this activity is placed; or use the Go to Reusable activity menu item in the Context menu of the Reference in the Explorer to jump to the Reusable activity object.

In the documentation, the list of actors of the Reference to the activity is added by the list of actors of the Reusable activity.

See Figure 1 for the appearance of the Reference shape on SADT and EPC diagrams, and Figure 2 – for its appearance on BPMN diagrams.

Figure 1
Figure 2

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