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Displaying Activity Codes and Names on Diagrams

To setup displaying of activity codes and names on diagrams go to All Users Settings (Main Menu → Home → All users settingsModels tab → Activities Properties group). The Diagram header code type property is valid for diagrams of all notations, while IDEF0 Diagram settings, Basic Flowchart settings, Cross-functional Flowchart settings, EPC diagram settings, BPMN diagram settings properties are used for diagrams in the respective notations.

Activity Numbering on Diagrams

Activities get their numbers automatically when you add the shapes to a diagram. When the button is pressed, activities are numbered from top to bottom (from left to right on IDEF0 diagrams). These numbers influence the order of activities in the Explorer. At the same time, you can order the activities in the Explorer first and then arrange them in the same way on a diagram. To do this, make sure the button is not pressed. To place the activities in the required order in the Explorer, use the Move up and Move down options in the context menu of activities. Note that in case the button is not pressed, the activity numbers won’t change even if you delete some activities or change their position on a diagram. New activities will be added with new numbers.

The activity number is displayed in the lower right corner of the rectangular block. If you add sub-activities to an activity in the Explorer, the first time you open the diagram of this activity, they will be placed:

  • diagonally from top to bottom and from left to right, if it is an IDEF0 diagram;
  • vertically from top to bottom, if it is a Basic Flowchart / EPC diagram, or a vertically-oriented Cross-functional Flowchart / BPMN diagram;
  • horizontally from left to right, if it is a horizontally-oriented Cross-functional Flowchart / BPMN diagram.

Spread Arrows on Diagrams

Arrows are attached to activity shapes. Look for a round colored indicator to be sure that the arrow is attached properly.

To spread the arrows evenly, use the Spread Arrows menu item in the context menu of the activity shape. Figure 1,a shows arrows that were connected to the activity shape manually, and Figure 1,b shows how these arrows can be spread.

Figure 1,a
Figure 1,b

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