Off-Page References

An off-page reference is a shape that denotes another SADT diagram. It is a round shape with an activity code code (Figure 1).

Figure 1

An off-page reference makes it possible to jump from one diagram to another and to transfer the arrow from one diagram to another.
To add an off-page reference to a diagram, drag the selected activity from the Explorer to the diagram.
An off-page reference is a paired shape. If the "A1" activity diagram contains a reference to the "A2" activity diagram, the "A1" off-page reference will be automatically added to the "A2" activity diagram. When you delete an off-page reference from one of the diagrams it is deleted from both diagrams.
Only one arrow can be linked to an off-page reference. Several off-page references to one and the same diagram can be added to a diagram.
Activities of the Action, Decision, EPC or BPMN type cannot be used as off-page references.

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