Add Localization to the Distribution Package

To add localization files to the distribution package, put them to the "Files\resources" folder of the Business Studio distribution kit. See the Add Files to a Distribution Kit article for details.

Add Files to a Distribution Kit

Files like user plugins, database templates, localization files, user metadata, report templates, etc., that should be added to the Business Studio distribution kit, should be put to the "Files" folder. This folder is part of the Business Studio distribution kit.

Files from this folder are set up in the Business Studio installation directory after the installation process. If necessary, hierarchy of folders can be created in the "Files" folder.

By default, the "Plugins" sub-folder contains import plugins.

Warning! If you plan to make changes to the files that are present in the "Files" folder by default (i.e., those supplied by the software developer), then you need to rename these files. Otherwise, the files will be overwritten by the new version of files from the software delivery kit the next time you install it.

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