The Business Studio interface can be displayed in different languages. Interface languages can be added by users and then included in the distribution package of the software.

The localized resources can be exported / imported via MetaEdit to/from MS Excel files.

Application resources are viewed by users in the Business Studio interface. These resources are divided into:

  • Metadata resources. These are the names of repositories, properties, etc.; descriptions of classes and properties, etc. that can be viewed in the Object Model Window and in the tooltips, the tooltips themselves, etc. These resources are stored in the database.
  • Application resources. These are the names of buttons, labels, forms, messages that are displayed for users, etc. These resources are stored in the form of the .resx files in the Business Studio application folder. There is a separate resource file for each language. The file’s name contains the language suffix, for example: Database.en.resx. You can also find .resx files without suffixes in the folder. These files contain information on the default language (English). They will be used in case a file with the required language is not found.

Export/import mechanisms are developed to make the process of adding the required language easier for a user. These mechanisms simplify the translation because a user gets all the resources gathered in one place in the form of MS Excel tables.

Notice. The .resx files can be edited by means of third-party applications like Notepad++ (see the Edit Resource Files Using Third-Party Applications article for details).


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