Export Resources

To export resources, open MetaEdit and click on the arrow next to the Module field. Then select Utilities → Edit resources → Export resources to MS Excel.

Select the empty file in the opened window. Resources will be exported into this file. If the selected file contains the resources exported earlier, then only new resources will be exported into this file (those that were added to the project after the previous export).

The file contains 2 sheets: Application (application resources) and MetaData (metadata resources). Some columns contain technical information, it is not allowed to edit it to prevent further import from errors. These columns are marked as technical below.

Column description:

Project/Module – name of the metadata application that resource belongs to (technical).
Resource ID – resource ID (technical).
Comment – arbitrary comment to the resource.
Status – resource status column.
Export date – date of resource export (technical).
Owner full name (for the MetaData sheet only) – full name of the resource owner (class, property, etc.) (technical).
Owner type (for the MetaData sheet only) – resource owner type (Class, Property, Enumeration, EnumerationElement) (technical).
Lang_Original – contains the original resource item that the project contains before the export (technical).
Lang_Final – enter the result resource item that should be imported.
Lang_OriginalChanged – contains a "Yes" indicator in case the original resource item has been changed from the previous import. This indicator means that the person responsible for the file should modify the resource value in the Lang_Final column considering the new value of the Lang_Original column. After the modification is completed, the "Yes" indicator should be deleted from the Lang_OriginalChanged column.

Lang stands for the system name of the language (en-US as an example); Invariant is used for the default language.

Warning! It is not allowed to edit resources on the default language. Values from these columns will not be imported. To edit resource items on the default language, modify the "en" column.

Thus, export of the resources provides a user with a file used to modify the resources. Resources may be exported several times in one and the same file.

In this case:

  1. New resources are added as new rows to the file.
  2. Cells of the Lang_Original column are filled out with the resource values that exist in the project. Then:
    • In case the resource value differs from the previous exported value, the corresponding cell of the Lang_OriginalChanged column is filled out with the Yes label, and the cell of the Export date column is filled out with the new Date and Time. This indicates that the resource has been modified in the project and its translation should be updated in the file.
    • In case the resource value in the project is the same as the value in the cell of the Lang_Original and Lang_Final columns, then the resource value in the file, is up-to-date, and the Yes label is automatically deleted from the cell of the Lang_OriginalChanged column.
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