Import Resources

To import resources, open MetaEdit and click on the arrow next to the Module field. Then select Utilities → Editing resources → Import resources from MS Excel.

Notice! To import resources, MetaEdit should be run in the admin mode.

Resources are not added or deleted when importing, only resource values are updated.
The following should be checked before running the import:

  1. All the cells of the Lang_OriginalChanged columns in all languages should be empty. That means that if they contained some values, the person responsible for the file should clear them, after updating cells of the Lang_Final column. If the cell with the filled value is found, the import will be interrupted with errors.
  2. If it turns out that the value of the Lang_Original column differs from the resource value in the project, that means that the resource has been modified after the export had been completed and the person who modified the MS Excel file, didn’t know about that. Thus, import of the resources will be interrupted and the window with the list of errors will appear. Each error record contains information on the error type, name of the sheet, the row number and the name of the column, so that it is easy to find the required cell.
    Note that! If you face this situation, the resources should be exported from the database first to see the changes (you will notice this by the new labels in the cells of the Lang_OriginalChanged column). Then the modified resources should be translated, the labels should be processed and then import can be performed again.

If the import is completed successfully:

  1. Data from the cells of the Lang_Final column is imported in the project.
  2. Data from the cells of the Lang_Final column is copied into the cells of the Lang_Original column; thus, the resource gets a new value.

Metadata resources are updated in the memory, after that they can be either saved to the folder (together with metadata) or applied to the database.

Application resources are updated in the .resx files that are stored in the Resources folder (this folder can be found in the Business Studio installation directory). These files are added automatically after the import in case there were no resources on this or that language before.

Figure 1. New resource files with the en and en-US suffixes are added after the import
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