Translate Business Studio With Neural Network

With Business Studio Ultimate, data may be translated into any language available through the Cloud Translation API. See Cloud Translation for details.

The following data may be translated:

  1. Databases (including report templates) 1).
  2. Resources from the application and metadata.
  3. Business Studio Portal resources.

Paid translation services are provided by Google.

Warning! The article is translated through a neural network without using additional features of the Cloud Translation API (AutoML, batch translation, etc.). The translation may contain linguistic errors. Umalogic JSC is not responsible for the translation quality. Information on the Cloud Translate API service limitations is provided in Quotas and limits.

Translation is set up in several steps:

  1. Set up Google Cloud account.
  2. Set up a configuration file.
  3. Translate Business Studio Ultimate data.
Notice. Note that this instruction is suitable for users with programming skills and network service integration skills.

Instructional Video:

Text Instructions:

When you get started with Google Cloud, Google provides you with $300. This money may be spent on any Google Cloud services including neural translation within 90 days. As soon as this period ends, the unused balance will expire.

Use the following algorithm:

  1. Create a project. See the Creating and managing projects article for details.
  2. Create login details. See the Create and manage service account keys for details.

The translator config.ini configuration file can be found in the Business Studio 5 installation folder.

Use the NotePad++ application to edit the file. Run it in the admin mode.

5 file parameters are mandatory.

Top of Form

  1. To learn “property_id”:
    1. Go to the account Dashboard.
    2. Find Project ID in the Project Info section of the opened window.
  2. For client_id:
    1. Open oauth client id that has been created in the account earlier.
    2. Find client_id in the right part of the window.
  3. The following can stand for the mode value. The first 3 options can be used in various combinations together. Put the comma without spaces to separate them:
    1. resx – if you need to translate Business Studio resources (the interface).
    2. ini – if you need to translate resources for Business Studio Portal/HTML Publication.
    3. db – if you need to translate the database data.
    4. all – in case you want to translate everything.
  4. Path to the redirect_uri value can be found in the Credentials created earlier, the Autorized redirect URIs parameter (everything except the last colon and the content to its right).
  5. The port value is the numbers after the colon in the string described in the previous paragraph.

Translation option is available in Business Studio Ultimate only.

Notice. Note that to translate Business Studio resources and resources of Business Studio Portal/HTML Publication, you need to run Business Studio Ultimate in the admin mode.

You need to do the following:

  1. Add the required combination of the Interface language and Data language to MetaEdit.
  2. Get authorized in the Google account. Minimize the browser window. Do not work with other windows of the browser until you perform all actions of paragraph 10.
  3. Open Business Studio Ultimate.
  4. Select Main Menu → Windows → Change menu.
  5. Select Administrative Tools → Administrative Tools → Translation via online translator.
  6. To get the Client secret value, do the following:
    1. Go to the Credentials created earlier.
    2. Find the Client secret value in the right part of the opened window.
  7. Enter this value into Business Studio and press OK.
  8. Copy the text between code= and &scope from the address bar in the opened window of the browser and paste it into Business Studio. Press OK.
  9. Translation process will start.

Apply the translated data from the “<Path to the Business Studio installation folder >\Metadata\” folder after the translation is ready.

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