Edit Resource Files Using Third-Party Applications

Application resources stored in the form of the .resx files, can be edited in third-party applications like Notepad++. Resource files are created for each language. The suffix in the file name indicates the language, for example, AppPlatform.Server.en.resx file contains English language resources for the Base model. All .resx files are stored in the "< Business Studio installation directory>\Resources" folder. Use the following methods to find the file you need:

  • search the \Resource folder by the text content of the resource;
  • export resources into the MS Excel file (see the Export resources article for details) and search the generated MS Excel file (the Project column contains resource file names without suffixes and extension).

You can edit either existing lines or add new ones to the file considering the rules of the file. To edit the file:

  1. Open the file with an editor that supports code selecting. Use the UTF-8 coding to edit the file, make sure that you editor has selected it automatically or set it up manually.
  2. Find the desired code line you need to edit, by the contents. If failed to do it, add a new line based on the rules applied to the existing lines.
  3. Edit the resource string value.
  4. Check that you have followed the syntaxis rules (compare your line with similar lines that already exist in the file, make sure you haven’t added any extra characters or spaces or haven’t missed any). Save the file.

Example. How to find a string in the Resources file by an object ID
Imagine that you need to edit the "Objects Explorer" menu item name in the English interface.

  1. Open the resource file that is stored here: "< Business Studio installation directory >\Resources\Business Studio.en.resx" (all menu item resources are stored in this group of the .resx files).
  2. Find the line corresponding to the "Objects Explorer" object. Use the "obj_<guid>" ID to do it, where <guid> is the guid that each Business Studio object has (without a dash). To learn the guid, open the "User menu" repository in Business Studio, open the Properties window of the "Objects Explorer" object, display the guid property (by means of the Actions button) and copy its value (see Figure 1).
  3. Edit the object name (stored between <value> and </value> (see Figure 1)).
  4. Save the file.
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