License Activation

Activation procedure is mandatory. Business Studio will not operate without license activation. A unique activation key should be entered into the Activation Tool for any given computer. Activation links the Business Studio system to the hardware of the computer on which the activation request is generated.

Warning! Business Studio license must be activated on the computer selected for permanent operation with the system (not on a test device).

You will receive a unique activation key from Umalogic on request. If your computer is using a spam filter, please make sure that it allows all letters from the domain.

The Activation Tool can be launched either during the Business Studio installation process or at any time following installation (Start → All Programs → Business Studio 5 → Activation Tool).

The activation procedure must be carried out on the computer with Business Studio installed for the license server role (for more details on roles please see System Requirements).

Activation on virtual machines can be carried out with an online license.

Activation Steps

1. Launch the Activation Tool (Start → All Programs → Business Studio 5 → Activation Tool).

2. In the Activation Tool, select the Create activation request radio button and click Next.

3. Enter the serial number supplied with the Business Studio 5 system and click Next (if the serial number has not been entered earlier).

4. Enter all the details requested in the activation form. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

5. Select the activation method: Email Activation Request or Save Activation Request to a file.

In the first case, the activation program creates a new email addressed to with the request attached. A default mail client must be configured on the computer.

In the second case, send the generated request file to the application provider. Possible methods:

  • Send an email to
  • Send a file by mail with an activation request on a relevant storage medium (flash drive, CD, etc.).

6. Once you receive the activation key from the Business Studio Provider, enter it into the Activation Tool. For this, do the following:

  • Launch the Activation Tool (Start → All Programs → Business Studio 5 → Activation Tool).
  • In the Activation Tool, select the Enter activation key radio button and click Next.
  • Enter the activation key and click Next.
  • Keep the activation key in a safe place for future use.

In some instances, reactivation of the program may be required (see License Reactivation).

License Reactivation

The following situations may call for the application reactivation:

  1. The activation key will need to be reentered after reinstalling the computer operating system.
  2. A full software reactivation procedure is required after any significant modification to the system hardware (see License Activation).
  3. If an expired technical support service was renewed after the program update, a full software reactivation procedure is required to use the update (see License Activation).

Warning! If Business Studio is to be transferred to another computer, in some cases you might need to provide a formal letter to Umalogic, confirming the transfer is officially sanctioned.


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