How to Install Business Studio

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1. To install Business Studio, open the folder with the distribution kit and launch the setup application.

2. Select one of the 4 installation options considering further use of the application on the computer. A computer could be:

  • Database server,
  • License server,
  • Workstation.

If the purpose is unknown, select the Business Studio Server or the Complete Installation of Business Studio option. These options cover all the purposes. At the bottom of the window select the system type: 32 or 64-bit. Then click Next. If you have selected to install MS SQL Server Express, read the User License Agreement for Microsoft SQL Server, and if you agree, press the Accept button.

3. Now the installer is launched and it will display text instructions for selecting options at all the stages of the installation process. Click Next.

4. Read the User License Agreement. If you agree with the listed terms, press the I Agree button and click Next.

5. Check the selected folder for the installation of the Business Studio application. If the folder path is wrong, click Browse and select the suitable one. If the folder path is correct, click Next.

6. Select the Business Studio Edition according to the license you have purchased and click Next.

7. Here you may choose to:

  • Install Local Help, if you prefer to have access to the Business Studio User Guide within the application, not in the web-browser;
  • Install Desktop Shortcuts, if you want to have a quick access to the Business Studio application;
  • Install databases and configure SQL Server, if you want the empty and demo databases to be automatically installed from the distribution kit and the SQL Server to be configured;
  • select the Launch Activation tool after install option, if you want the Activation tool to be opened automatically when the installation is complete.

When all the necessary options are selected, click Next.

8. Now click Next to start the installation and wait for a moment.

9. The installation is almost complete. Now select the database and SQL Server options.

  • If you need the databases to be installed, select one or both options and specify the SQL Server instance for them.
  • If you want the SQL Server to be configured automatically, select the Grant administrator permissions and allow remote connections automatically option. In case you want to install SQL Server manually, select the Do no change option and click Next.

10. Business Studio is now installed on your computer. Click Close to exit the setup application. Note that if Microsoft SQL Server version 2012 or higher is not installed on your computer, you will be prompted to install Microsoft SQL Server Express (if you select the appropriate installation option). If you prefer to use the full version of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or higher, you may choose not to install SQL Server Express and install the full version later.

After the Installation

The Business Studio ports are usually configured automatically during the installation process. In case the ports cannot be opened automatically, then they must be configured manually. Each computer with Business Studio and active network equipment must be configured according to roles.

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