Licensing Scheme

In order to calculate the number of licenses required, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the licensing scheme or contact our specialists using the contact data given above.

Node-locked license

Node-locked licenses are intended for local users of Business Studio. The system is installed on an independent computer (workstation). Users with a node-locked license can connect via the network:

  • To databases of other Business Studio users with activated node-locked licenses.
  • To databases of the Business Studio server, provided this server has an activated floating license.

Users with node-locked licenses working within a common network have shared database access. Unlicensed users or users with floating licenses cannot connect to the computers of users with a node-locked license (Fig. 1).

Figure 1. PC connection options afforded by a personal license

Users with node-locked licenses can participate in offline collective work by transferring data to other computers in the form of XML or XPDL files. In case of a terminal access, only one user will be able to work with the application at the time even where it is possible for users with node-locked Business Studio licenses to simultaneously connect to the terminal server. MetaEdit license can be added to Business Studio Professional license with the given serial number (please see Licensing of additional Business Studio modules).

Floating license

In the case of a floating license, the number of concurrent connections to the Business Studio server is licensed. When using terminal access, the number of concurrent terminal sessions using the server connection is licensed. A floating license allows a group of users to work simultaneously with the Business Studio database in a single network hosted on a dedicated server. Figure 2 shows various options for connecting to the Business Studio database server and the number of concurrent connections used when working with a floating license.

Figure 2. Business Studio database server: connection options for a floating license

Subsequent program launches on the client computer does not reduce the number of possible floating license connections. Running Business Studio on a computer with a node-locked license does not reduce the number of possible floating license connections. The database server and the floating license can either be installed on a single computer or on two separate ones. In the latter case, should the computer with the floating license be disconnected from the network, it will be impossible to work with the floating license databases. Licenses for additional Business Studio modules are linked to the floating license serial number (see below for details).

Business Studio Portal user-named licenses

Users working with Business Studio Portal are licensed. Before launching Business Studio Portal, you should choose the users who will work at the Portal. For all other users, access to Business Studio Portal will be denied.

Licensing of additional Business Studio modules

For Cockpit: the number of users able to work in Cockpit simultaneously is licensed (the number of simultaneous connections to the Business Studio server).
The MetaEdit module is licensed by itself.

Note that activation procedure must be repeated after purchasing new licenses or changing the number of current ones (see License Activation).

Additional software licensing features

Business Studio uses an SQL server (please see System Requirements). Business Studio client parts connect directly to the SQL Server in the following cases:

  • Launching the client parts of Business Studio for work.
  • Launching the Business Studio service processes for the generation of Business Studio
  • Portal.

Client Access Licenses (CAL) may be required to access servers under the "Server+Client" SQL server licensing model.

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