Before contacting technical support, please check the following:

Technical support regulations

  1. Technical Support is provided via email. For Technical Support, please contact us at
  2. For a prompt solution, please provide as much information about the problem as you can, for example, error description, technical characteristics of your computer, error logs, examples of any errors received from your database.
  3. The Business Studio knowledge base contains many detailed articles on relevant issues.
    Should information relevant to your problem be available in the knowledge base, our specialists will provide you with the necessary links to get you up and running as quickly as possible.
  4. Whilst a separate inquiry must be made for each and every problem, do not split information relating to a single issue into several inquiries. Try to ensure that all relevant information is communicated to us in a single ticket; this will allow our specialists to see the whole picture and find a solution quicker.
  5. If you still could not find the solution to your problem following our recommendations, please let us know so we can continue working on your issue. In the overwhelming majority of cases, a solution is eventually found to each and every problem.
  6. We respond to user inquiries as follows:
    • within 2 working days for issues related to the operation of the program;
    • within 3 working days for suggestions to add new features.
  7. Response times may be longer in the case of complex issues (e.g. if you need to set up a new report template).
  8. Following the resolution of your problem, we invite you to leave your comments and rate the performance of our specialists. Your feedback is important to us and is used to help make our support service better!