Business Studio demo version allows users to find out the product’s features by modeling their own business processes or learning the description of the InTechProject business architecture.

HTML Publication

The following HTML Publication of a typical InTechProject’s activity model demonstrates the report-generating options of Business Studio when working via a standard web browser.

HTML publication is a website for project teams and small organizations that makes models and regulations accessible to all the stakeholders and employees of a company.

HTML Publications are automatically generated in Business Studio. On opening an HTML Publication using a standard browser, a tree with the relevant Business Studio repositories (Activities, Org units, Functional Objects, etc.) is displayed. Each element of the tree corresponds to one or several reports marked for HTML Publication. If, for example, a BPMN process is selected, the BPMN Process Brief report will be opened by default; other reports for this same process (for example, BPMN Process Description) can be viewed by selecting an item from the Report drop-down list.

A key feature of HTML Publication is the possibility to switch between documents. Each object is represented by a hyperlink, including external files attached to Business Studio objects (for example, Microsoft Word document forms).

Аctivity models in popular languages you can find below!