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Business modeling system that helps to create an effective organization.

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Business Studio editions

Elaborate business requirements and development strategy
Functionality Professional Enterprise Ultimate Business Studio Portal
Develop strategy maps and a balanced scorecard + + +  
Collect and discuss employee suggestions       +
Failure Method and Effect Analysis (FMEA) on the Ishikawa diagram   + +  
Design business architecture
Functionality Professional Enterprise Ultimate Business Studio Portal
Support of all 5 process modeling notations + + +  
Organizational structure design + + +  
Develop model changes in separate branches   + +  
Approve model changes via Business Studio Portal   + + +
Simulation and Activity-based Costing:
  • Search for the most expensive or longest running processes;
  • Search for bottlenecks and overloaded resources;
  • Estimate the required resources, search resources with low utilization, and analyze production and consumption of material resources.
  + +  
Design application architecture and data structures, Elaborate Business Requirements for Software + + +  
Implement changes
Functionality Professional Enterprise Ultimate Business Studio Portal
Generate regulatory documentation + + +  
HTML Publication + + +  
Report Wizard + + +  
Create a knowledge base on company structure and operation for employees       +
Notify all employees of changes in their area of attention. Monitor employee familiarization with changes on Business Studio Portal   + + +
Import/export via BPMN XML to transfer process diagrams to the runtime environment (BPMS, ERP) +
+ +  
Monitor company performance
Functionality Professional Enterprise Ultimate Business Studio Portal
Load statistical information on business process implementation from IT systems (BPMS, ERP, CRM, etc.)   + +  
Collect measure values + + + +
Monitor strategy implementation + + + +
Collect nonconformity messages   + +  
Quality management system
Functionality Professional Enterprise Ultimate Business Studio Portal
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949 standards repository   + +  
Develop requirements to products and process results   + +  
Create Quality Manual and Responsibility Matrices   + +  
Plan and conduct internal audits, develop corrective and preventive measures   + +  
Create measure control charts   + +  
Functionality Professional Enterprise Ultimate Business Studio Portal
Support model development in multiple languages     + +
MetaEdit: class and properties editor Can be purchased separately + +  
Plugins and packages used to import from MS Visio and ARIS   + +  

Additional modules

A limited functionality edition of Business Studio used to enter, view, control and analyze information in Business Studio. Cockpit makes it possible for users without a Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate license perform tasks that do not require the full functionality of the Business Studio system.

An editing tool used to change the structure of Business Studio database classes. It not only allows to add new properties to existing classes but also add new repositories and use them in new or existing databases.

Licensing scheme

In order to calculate the number of licenses required, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the licensing scheme. In case you have any questions, feel free to contact our specialists using the contact data given above.

Maintenance subscription and subscription to new versions

Business Studio licenses come with 12 months of maintenance subscription beginning on the date of purchase.

Maintenance subscription includes:

  • Email hotline;
  • The right to receive new versions of Business Studio;
  • Information on updates release and content;
  • Access to updates of a purchased version via Internet.

Contracts and license agreements

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