Key Benefits of Business Studio

Full support of the organizational development cycle

Business Studio provides comprehensive support of the organizational development cycle from strategy development and business architecture design to organizational changes and the monitoring of post-change operations.

Immediate results

The main feature of Business Studio that differs it from other modeling systems, is its simplicity and convenience. The system has an intuitive interface; thus, it can be quickly mastered even by those architects who make their first steps in modeling business architecture. The time costs at the implementation stage are generally two or three times lower when compared to solutions offered by other vendors. In just a couple of months the company gets the knowledge base on business architecture including Job Instructions for employees and Operational Concepts for further automation.

Popular notations used

Business Studio uses the most popular modeling notations, i. e. those that are understandable to employees without additional training: IDEF0, Basic Flowchart, Cross-functional Flowchart, BPMN, and EPC.

Multi-language models

Business Studio supports model development in multiple languages. The language used in the model can be changed both in the program interface and on Business Studio Portal. Translation options are very convenient: you can enter data in all languages at once or translate it into other languages later.

Model life cycle management

Business Studio offers unique opportunities for preparing, coordinating and implementing changes to the model. Alert all employees about changes in their area of interest using Business Studio Portal.

Any documents and reports you need

Business Studio was originally designed to present information from models in a simple visual format to a wide range of corporate stakeholders from managers and corporate employees to external contractors.

To achieve this, Business Studio is equipped with a powerful Report Wizard allowing to generate reports with no programming and using all the formatting capabilities of MS Word.

Company knowledge base

Business Studio Portal provides employees with the information they need to work and study, engages them in the process of improving the company, and enables them to access the corporate knowledge base from anywhere in the world. Portal supports various access rights, full-text search, and hyperlink document cross-referencing.

Easy system modification

The MetaEdit module enables stored data structures to be expanded and convenient screen forms to be automatically created with no further programming. The module enables the user to create new custom properties and repositories in the Business Studio data structure.