Business Studio makes the already established practice of organizational development the driving force behind your business since all company stakeholders are able to achieve their personal objectives.

For owners and top managers

     ✔   Stable business development.
     ✔   High capitalization.
     ✔   Retaining data on company activities.

Business architecture design is the key stage of organizational development, and if you don’t miss it, you prepare and implement changes to the company’s business processes right the first time you do it. Wave goodbye to trial and error with an approach that allows you to move much faster than your competitors!

The comprehensive digitalization of your company means an increase in the capitalization of your business. Digitalized companies are completely transparent to investors and will not collapse if, for example, key specialists decide to up and leave.

For managers

     ✔   Bonuses for the targets achieved.
     ✔   Reduction in overtime costs necessary for “extinguishing fires”.
     ✔   Minimization of the onboarding period for new employees.
     ✔   Excellent manager qualifications.

Organizing the activities of your department to achieve maximum efficiency and results is the main task of every manager. It is far more productive to devote time to designing or optimizing business processes than to be continually fixing problems because underlying issues remain unsolved. Departments that run like clockwork meet the objectives of both the branch manager and the company, the company gets the required result and the manager gets a bonus for achieving targets and demonstrating great qualifications.

Training new personnel no longer requires hours of time-consuming instruction and supervision by more experienced employees. Employees get all the information they need from the company knowledge base on Business Studio Portal.

For employees

     ✔   Orderly working conditions.
     ✔   Possibility to receive bonuses for the achieved results.
     ✔   Participation in the development of the company.

Staff enjoy working in an orderly environment where they can focus on a clearly defined area of responsibility and a set of easily understandable duties. This is yet another positive, though largely unacknowledged, benefit of a well-designed business architecture. The presence of a business architecture model ensures that employees get information on corporate objectives in a clear and understandable form. Business Studio Portal automatically notifies employees of any changes in the documentation affecting their personal areas of interest.

For many, playing a part in the improvement of their company is vitally important: employees want to put forward suggestions and be heard. The business architecture discussion feature of Business Studio Portal provides employees with precisely this opportunity.

All this contributes to an atmosphere of productivity and professionalism in an organization and promotes a higher level of employee motivation.